Corporate And Employee Moving State To State

Hiring and retaining key talent while maintaining your projected budget can be challenging. At A1A Atlantic Moving & Storage we recognize the need to reduce your expenses while maintaining a level of service for your relocating employees that is unmatched in our industry. When you utilize a transportation agreement with A1A Atlantic Moving & Storage and Mayflower Transit you lock in benefits like a customized website and shipment tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you and your employees peace of mind and a smoother transition so they can focus on productivity.

Contact our talented and award winning team at A1A Atlantic Moving & Storage for the finest in corporate relocation at the most competitive prices! Let us show you why Mayflower is the most trusted name in the moving state to state and the transportation industry.

Added Benefit

As an added benefit we can offer real estate assistance, temporary housing and mortgage services to your relocating employees that are moving with
a lump sum at no cost to your organization regardless of whether they are moving state to state or moving more locally. This will make your
company even more attractive to potential new employees.

A1A Atlantic Moving & Storage provides you with a dedicated, single-point-of-contact for your relocation program.  If any changes or questions arise you will
know just who to call.  As a corporate client of A1A Atlantic Moving & Storage you will enjoy priority moving state to state, or an relocation
even during peak season.  Our normal cutoffs and restrictions are not applied to our corporate clients, we focus on accountability and
flexibility all while providing cost savings to your company.

If you’re looking for professional, trained and trusted movers to handle your corporate move, A1A Atlantic Moving and Storage to assist you with your upcoming relocation.