Office And Industrial

Our Moving Company is Right for Your Company

Is your business relocating? Whether you’re moving down the street or to another state, we can move you with ease. It all begins with planning and preparation, so we’ll send a salesperson over to assess your needs. As an agent for Mayflower since 1982, we have nationwide support to relocate your business anywhere. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!

The Plan

Working closely with our clients, we begin with your free, no-obligation estimate to meet your budgeting needs. Once approved, we’ll set up all the details with our Operations team. Next, our strategic planning team will code items and offices to create a flow that our relocation team will follow. Depending on the size of your relocation, you can expect to see us multiple days for disconnecting, disassembling, and packing. On move day, we’ll bring all the necessary materials to secure your items and load them onto our trucks and deliver as needed.

Protecting your Workspaces

Whether you own or rent the buildings your company is moving out of and into, our team will do their part in protecting each location. Our goal is to leave your doorways, floors, and elevators in the condition that we found them in. The relocation team will use rug runners, pads, and cardboard as part of their success plan.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Unfortunately, the moving industry has a large carbon footprint due to fuel emissions. As our home, we understand that reducing our impact on the environment is important to protecting our planet. Therefore, we utilize route planning for better fuel economy and opt for reusable plastic bins for moving your files and desktop items. The cardboard we use to protect walls is reused as much as possible. Once we no longer deem it usable, it is recycled along with our other unusable pallets and cardboard from residential moves.

Most Competitive Pricing

A1A Atlantic Moving and Storage may be a moving company, but we’re also a business. We understand that you operate within a budget and therefore offer the best prices for a quality relocation.