Discovery why Relocating to Florida is the right move!


Are you thinking about relocating to Florida? Or maybe, you already have and now you’re thinking “Now what”? Florida is home to over 21 million people, thousands of species of animals and plants, both terrestrial and aquatic.

Most people equate Florida to sun, sand, and beaches, the party life of South Beach, or Disney World in Orlando. While true, there’s so much more than all of those wonderful things.

A little piece of paradise

We have over 190 State Parks and 11 National Parks spread throughout Florida to experience all the different ecosystems it plays host to.

Did you know that if you head up to central Florida, there are clear rivers with glass bottom boat rides? You can observe alligators, otters, manatees, and so much more!

A bit further north, and Gainesville offers a walk through a miniature rainforest at The Devil’s Millhopper State Park.

South Florida plays host to the Everglades National Park, a subtropical wildlife area that offers year-round day and night activities.

Florida is a melting pot, people from all over the world visit or move here for one reason or another.In the northern parts of Florida, you can eat your way through the typical southern foods, which are hearty and comforting to the soul.

Come down to South Florida, and you experience foods from the Caribbean, Latin America, fresh seafood (including gator tail!), and the ever-delightful Key Lime pie.

Central Florida will give you fresh strawberries and citrus, as well as stone crabs (and yes, food from around the world at Disney).

Take a trip to America’s oldest city of St. Augustine and dine on flavors that are reminiscent of Spain.

So, with all this info, welcome to Florida and enjoy that all this beautiful state has to offer. We’ve called it home for over 40 years and wouldn’t dream of living elsewhere.

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